When we feel frustrated, upset or angry, we are supposed to “let it go”. That’s much easier said than done. Nobody wants to feel like this so if there was a magic wand to make us feel better, we’d certainly wave it. All the time.

When you’re feeling frustrated, sad, anxious, or angry, here are two small things you can do. They’re not guaranteed to help, but they just might provide a sliver of relief.


The brain isn’t separate from the body, it is a part of it. Adrenaline levels, heart rate, breathing rhythm, senses, feelings, and imagination all affect each other.

While most of these elements are beyond your direct control, you can adjust your breath. By changing the pace of breathing to a normal resting rhythm, everything will start slowing down again.

You are sending your body and your lizard brain a signal that there’s no emergency. As you pay attention to the air entering and exiting your body, your thoughts will start slowing down as well.

Let it be

Letting go may feel like a tall order, and it may even feel wrong to do so. Maybe your anger was justified, your frustration will lead to a solution, or your sadness is entirely appropriate?

In those situations, don’t let it go. Let it be.

Be compassionate with yourself and simply notice your feelings without judgement. Acknowledging these emotions won’t make them go away but it might take the edge off. A good friend doesn’t tell you that your feelings are wrong but instead gives you a hug to express love and acceptance.

Be kind to yourself. You don’t have to let it go. You can let it be.