Walk Wellbeyond

Mapless™ directions,
designed for city walking.

🔥 Blaze your own trail

Stop following directions and enjoy the freedom of walking your own path again.

👀 Don't look like a tourist

There's no need keep to your eyes glued to your screen. Look around and take it all in.

📍 Minimalist Navigation

Turn-by-turn directions can be mind-numbing. They are certainly overkill for walking.

🗺 No more confusion

Never worry again. Walk Wellbeyond always shows you the right way to go.

🔍 Powerful Search

Search results include your walk time and an arrow pointing to each destination.

♿️ Made For All Abilities

Walk Wellbeyond has full support for Voice Over, large text, and wheelchair use.

👟 Count every step. *

Every walk you take helps to complete your movement and workout rings.

⌚️ Always On Display *

Walk Wellbeyond takes full advantage of the Always On Display of your Series 5, 6 or 7 Watch.

❣️ Track Your Vitals *

Your Apple Watch can track and record your heart rate while you're walking.

* Requires an optional subscription
Wellbeyond and Mapless are trademarks of Sax Software Corp.