The verb "spring" has a delightful bunch of meanings.

  • to dart or shoot
    A spark springs out of the fire.
  • to issue with speed and force or as a stream
    Tears spring from our eyes.
  • to grow as a plant
    Her ideas spring from careful exploration.
  • to issue by birth or descent
    She sprang from a community of musicians.
  • to come into being
    New communities sprang up across the land.
  • to make a leap or series of leaps
    The children were springing across the field.
  • to leap or jump up suddenly
    They sprang from their seats.
  • to pay for
    I'll spring for the meal.
  • to stretch out in height.
    She springs to the occasion.

These days, our computers automatically adjust our clocks.

You personally are not off the hook, though.

You still have to do the work of springing forward.

You can simply adapt to the time as you do every year.

Or maybe this time, you can choose a meaning of spring that you love. You can fully embrace this springing to kindle your intention.

How will you spring forward this year?