When you run into an obstacle, you have several options.

You can go back and give up on your original goal because the roadblock seems insurmountable.

You can find a way around, above, or below.

You can try and use sheer force to go through.

You can wait and maybe it’ll go away.

You can talk to others who have run into the same roadblock.

You can study the roadblock, looking for clever ways to get past it.

You can get the help from a friend to lift you over it.

You can call a taxi and drive around it.

You can get some rock climbing gear and start climbing.

You can borrow a ladder from a friend.

You can do thousands of other things.

Roadblocks can (mis)lead you to focusing on all the limitations.

Over time, you can train yourself to respond differently to roadblocks, so when you see one, you’ll immediately get excited about the possibilities and start exploring them with great enthusiasm.