Our bodies were not made for flying, driving, or even biking.

That doesn't mean we should ban those activities from our lives, of course. But it's good to remember that our bodies were made for walking.

Walking is good for you.

The medical benefits are well-known, including weight loss and increased cardiovascular heatlh. Because of the gentle way walking engages the abdominal muscles, walking is also known to improve digestion.

It's better than chocolate at improving your mood.

Walking stimulates the brain in a unique way. It changes the pace and frees the mind, making room for new ideas. For the brain, a 45 minute walk feels like a 45 minute shower. You'll gain new ideas and new perspective.

Because walking is slow and offers multiple ways to reach your destination, it ends up influencing the way you think about the rest of your life. You're less in a hurry, open to alternatives, and condident that you will reach your destination.

How can you include more walking in your day?