Eating well is an art. You can fully enjoy the meal if you take your time and eliminate all distractions.

Even when you turn off the radio or the television, it's important to reduce the dialog in your mind as well. Make an effort to stop thinking about your problems. Direct your attention to what's in front of you. You deserve to enjoy every bite.

The food took a long journey to arrive in this moment and be ready for you. Many people worked together to grow and bring you this food.

If you eat an apple, it came from a tree. The tree stood in the sun and in the rain. The tree helped the apple grow, slowly. Somebody picked the apple, or maybe it fell down. Eventually the apple was brought to you. A lot of hard work went into growing, harvesting, and transporting the apple to you.

When we honor and feel gratitude for our food, we not only nourish our body, we also nourish our soul and become emotionally stronger and more resiliant.