Solitude, silence, inconvenient truths, and difficulty. They can all evoke discomfort.

The nervous system creates the discomfort and pain. When we feel pain, our body is telling us that something might be wrong and needs our attention. Usually, but not always. When you're running you may feel some pain, but you know that you can keep going. You can choose whether you want to stop or keep going and reach what's on the other side of that.

Emotional discomfort works this way too, but we the ways we address this discomfort often doesn't serve us. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have made a fortune distracting us away from our discomfort, providing temporary relief.

On the other side of our emotional discomfort lies a big reward.

With distraction, we keep avoiding, at all cost, the something valuable and precious that lies on the other side of this discomfort.

If we can sit with the discomfort and let it be for a while, we can find our treasure.