Wellbeyond makes apps that spread health and happiness.

We believe that apps can be tools to help you live a better life. Wellbeyond apps combine ancient wisdom and modern research. Our apps are free, without ads or in-app purchases. This is made possible by monthly contributions from our patrons.

Our team

Creating life-changing apps requires an exclectic mix of talent and experience. Our team is based in beautiful Eugene, Oregon:

Aricha Pluid

Aricha brings her zest for the practice of mindfulness, fueled by daily dedication to practicing and teaching yoga and meditation.

Noelle Dass

Noelle creates whimsical art for the young at heart. Her art is hanging in private collections and places that need a bit of cheer.

Mike Sax

Mike works to spread health and happiness by combining his appreciation for technology, creativity, and mindfulness.

Contact us

We'd love to hear from you. Your stories, comments, questions and suggestions give us a jolt of energy and renewed determination. Please send us a note at [email protected]