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Wellbeyond releases oil-painted iOS meditation app for kids

EUGENE, Oregon — Wellbeyond™ announced the immediate availability of “Wellbeyond Meditation for Kids” in the Apple App Store. While there are many meditation apps for adults, Wellbeyond today filled a void by offering children an app that combines beautiful design and thoughtful meditations.

Wellbeyond goes against the stream of electronically generated graphics with oil paintings that create a warm feeling of comfort. Rather than using addictive hooks and constant stimuli, Wellbeyond brings ancient mindfulness techniques to the modern world.

Children can enjoy five meditations that plant the seeds for a lifetime of benefits:

  • Sleep — Relax the body and the mind so that you can drift into a good night’s sleep.
  • Focus — Develop the ability to focus all of your mental power on what's in front of you.
  • Feelings — Notice your feelings, bringing body and mind into harmony.
  • Kindness — Cultivate kindness to become a better friend to yourself and to others.
  • Centering — Learn how to quickly return to inner peace and confidence.

"Meditation is an essential skill that can empower children to experience a lifetime of resilience, kindness, and happiness," said Mike Sax, founder of Wellbeyond. "Children spend hours every week learning math, language and science. Why not devote a few minutes each day to mindfulness training?"

Wellbeyond’s mission is to spread health and happiness. The patronage model allows the company’s apps to be made available for free to everyone without any strings attached. Patrons provide monthly contributions to support Wellbeyond’s efforts. The app implements full accessibility with closed captions and VoiceOver support.

Press Contact:

Mike Sax
(541) 357-7357

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